Because Dad had proved so popular in The Abominble Snowmen, they decided to write another story with the Yeti. This time it was set in the London Underground and I remember that the sets were so convincing, that Peter Bryant, the producer, received complaints from British Rail, saying that we had filmed on their property without permission.

It was whilst recording this story that the infamous incident with a pair of knickers occurred. It's well known that Pat and Frazer were notrious for practical jokes and while Frazer was rehearsing a scene in which Victoria had gone missing, he produced, instead of a handkerchief, a pair of knickers, and proclaimed "These are Ms Waterfield's! I'd recgonise them anywhere!" To which Pat took them from Frazer and and said, "Yes, they are!"

My father, who was standing to the side, exclaimed, "How do you know?"

This was just another example of the boys misbehaving.