This is the only story from my time on the show to survive today, but it wasn't until 1992 I got to see it. The story had been lost for many years until it was re-discovered in Hong Kong. There was a lot of interest in the discovery, and we were all even invited to BAFTA for a special screening.

The director of this serial was Morris Barry, who used to run the studio a bit like the way a conductor directs an orchestra. He had a music stand on which he would place his script, and from there he could be quite fierce.

It was from this story onwards that Victoria lost her long flowing dress, and found skirts that got shorter as each story progressed!

There is one scene that is often mention - when the Doctor talks to Victoria about his family. It's a very moving scene, but the interesting thing is that I had 'flu when this was recorded, and I had a car pick me up and take me to the studio. When we did the scene, just as we got to the end, I made a mistake and we had to do it again. Oh well, all in a days work!