FDoctor Who

Deborah was invited into the Doctor Who offices by the then-producer Innes Lloyd. He had seen her in the "Play for Today" series and thought she might be a good choice for a new companion in the series.

After a discussion between the two, it was agreed that Deborah would gain some more experience in the industry as she was only eighteen at the time. After this Deborah worked on stage and some TV, and in 1966 agreed to take the role of Victoria Waterfield, opposite Patrick Troughton as 'The Doctor' and Frazer Hines as 'Jamie'.

Deborah stayed with the show for a year, and that period of the shows history is now fondly remembered as The Monster Era. During the time she saw battle with Cybermen, Yeti, Ice Warriors and, in her very first story, the dreaded Daleks.

Sadly, many of Deborah's episodes have since been wiped by the BBC. Only Tomb Of The Cybermen exists in it's entirety, after being discovered in Hong Kong in 1992. It has recently been issued on DVD and is one of the top-selling stories in the Doctor Who range. Other singular episodes do exist from Enemy Of The World, Abominable Snowmen, Web Of Fear and four of the six episodes still survive from The Ice Warriors.

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