One of the ways my era is described is as The Monster Era, and after encountering Daleks, Cybermen and Abominable Snowmen, we came across the Ice Warriors. They were large creatures; really tall, and played by people like Benard Breslaw and Sonny Caldinez. Bernie was a lovely man, and it was easy to see why his nick-name was "the Gentle Giant".

We had a slight accident while filming this story. In one scene Victoria was being kidnapped by an Ice Warrior, but because the suits used to steam up, they couldn't always see where they were going. In this particular scene, Sonny was pushing me through a cave, and so he knew where he was going, I would say "left" or "right" - very quietly!

All went well - until he went right, when I said "left" - and instantly destroyed the set by walking straight through a wall! The scenery guys were not impressed...!