Deborah was born on 2nd January, 1948, in Loughton, Essex. She grew up in an acting family, with dad, Jack, And Mother Patricia (Hicks) both established actors.Her brother Giles, and sisters Dilys and Nicola, also went into the business.

Deborah enrolled in stage School, after failing her "O" levels, only to leave after three weeks, unhappy at what she was being taught.

At the age of nine Deborah got the part of Sally, Niece to THE INVISIBLE MAN. Also around the same time, Deborah filmed an episode of WILLIAM TELL ("The Spider"), which became her first televised appearance - preceding The Invisible Man by about two weeks.

The following year saw Deborah's stage debut, aged 12, in "ROAR LIKE A DOVE" at Frinton Summer Season, playing "Jane Dungavel"
Deborah's big break came in 1965, when she landed the lead role in "PLAY FOR TODAY: The Life Of Lewis Carroll", playing Alice - it also saw her on the cover The Radio Times.
Many other roles followed including, "CALF LOVE" With Warren Mitchell, "THE POWER GAME" and "THIS MAN CRAIG" - both of which starred her father, Jack Watling - "OUT OF THE UNKNOWN" with Mark Eden, "MISTER MISFIT", NO HIDING PLACE: A Girl Like You" as well as further theatre work in "MONIQUE".

In 1967 Deborah got her next big, iconic role, when she landed the part of VICTORIA WATERFIELD in "DOCTOR WHO". She got the role, apparently, after Innes LLoyd saw her on the cover of the Radio Times.
Once again Deborah appeared opposite her Father in two of the stories -
"THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN" and "THE WEB OF FEAR", both featuring the Yeti.

After Doctor Who, Deborah opened her own Boutique, leaving it in the hands of a friend when she returned to acting .Unfortunately, without Deborah to oversea the business, the boutique went under.

Heading into the '70's, Deborah appeared in "THE NEWCOMERS", followed by many various Theatre roles, including, "A BEQUEST TO THE NATION", "NOT IN FRONT OF THE PARENTS" , "THE WIZARD OF OZ" , "LLOYD GEORGE KNEW MY FATHER" and "THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP" .
Two episodes of DOCTOR IN CHARGE in 1972 were followed the next year by two movies. Playing opposite David Essex and Cliff Richards in "THAT'LL BE THE DAY" and "TAKE ME HIGH".
An appearance in "ARTHUR OF THE BRITONS" the same year was followed by even more Theatre work including, "THE SACK RACE" , "LITTLE WOMEN" , "SUDDENLY AT HOME" , "SHE WON'T LIE DOWN" , "CHARLEY'S AUNT" , "LABURNAM GROVE" , "A LITTLE BIT OF FLUFF" and a return to "THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP" in '78.

In between the huge amount of Theatre work, Deborah found time to appear on "GENERATION GAME" in'74, alongside her Father, and filmed a TV pilot for "A ROOF OVER MY HEAD". During the '70's Deborah decided to go blonde.

In '78 appearances in "RISING DAMP" and "LILLIE" were followed by one of Deborah's most memorable TV characters, Naughty Norma. 1979 saw "DANGER UXB" come to our screens, and gave Deborah a part she could really get her teeth into! An episode of "ACCIDENT" came next, followed by more Theatre work, including, "THE SECRETARY BIRD" , "SAME TIME NEXT YEAR" , "BEYOND A JOKE" , "GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS" , "FRENCH WITHOUT TEARS" , "GIGI" , "ALADDIN" , "BIRTHDAY SUITE" , "CINDERELLA" , "DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE" , "JACK AND THE BEANSTALK" , " RATTLE OF A SINGLE MAN " , "NOISES OFF" , "HAPPY EVENT" , "SPRING AND PORT WINE",

Deborah returned to the character of Victoria Waterfield in the '90's when in '93 she appeared in the Children in Need Doctor Who episode,
"DIMENSIONS IN TIME". And two years later, in the independent production, "DOWNTIME" - again featuring Jack watling, and bringing back the Yeti from '60's Who.

In 2000, she made an independent film called "POSSESIONS", and toured in "OUT OF ORDER".
Frinton Summer Seasons, run by her family, followed including "HEAT STROKE", "COME BANG YOUR TAMBOURINE" and "MURDER BY THE BOOK", and later "GHOSTS".
In 2007, Deborah appeared on the game show "IDENTITY" hosted by Donny Osmond.

Deborah gave up smoking in 2007, she also doesn't drink tea or coffee, as she doesn't take caffeine.

Over the years Deborah has appeared at many Doctor Who conventions and signing events, and has recorded several new audio CD's for both BBV and BIG FINISH.

Deborah sadly passed away on 21st July 2017, after a brief battle with cancer.